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Mentoring: A professional relationship in which an experienced person assists another in developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance their personal growth. 


We work to build and develop trust in a positive relationship with the goal to help young people learn skills, goal setting, and personal value.

Life Coaching:  A designed partnership where the coaching relationship can help with specific personal goals and transitions in life. 

We coach through listening, validation, and helping to find self value and worth. We do this by empowerment, communication, and strengthening the mind and the belief in themselves. We help them find a place to heal from the emotional, mental, and physical events they may have encountered. 

Parent Support: Parental behaviors towards a child which indicate the child is accepted and loved. 

By partnering with parents, we work to achieve a community to re-establish the healthy balance of boundaries for growth. We work with families to bring about constructive change through guidance and instruction.  We help parents to learn to listen to understand, instead of hearing just to respond. 

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